Who We Are

Who are we?  That is the essential question that Revelation of the Spirit is intending to help people answer.  Who are we, as individuals, as a community, nation, world?  Who are we and why are we here?

Revelation of the Spirit is a non-profit social enterprise which exists to help educate and inform those individuals who are seeking to know more about the spiritual dimension of life.  Through exploring the spirit aspect of the mind-body-spirit connection we come more fully into being.  Revelation of the Spirit offers workshops and courses designed to help people engage with their inner spirit, higher self, Christ-consciousness, true essence and/or soul.

Revelation of the Spirit, acknowledges the dramatic change that our world is undergoing at the moment.  We understand this change as an in-pouring of Divine spiritual power that is coming into full force in the world right now.  Many people are undergoing a spiritual awakening and although we can feel it, we may not understand how to respond to this incredible opportunity for transformation.

Our vision is to create opportunities for people to learn about spiritual realities and offer tools to help each one of us get in touch with our true and higher natures.  Once we begin this inward journey, we learn how to apply these tools to us to help traverse the changing landscape of the world we live in.

Revelation of the Spirit is based on an acknowledgement of a higher power, known by many names, which is present and active throughout all creation.

We value health and wholeness, acknowledging that our physical, mental and spiritual health are all connected and that the health of the spirit affects the health of the whole human being.

We value freedom in spiritual matters and honour each person’s individual journey.

We value transparency and will strive to always be open and transparent in all that we do.


Meet Our Board of Directors
Board of DierctorsCatherine Lauber, BBA, M.Div

Leader and facilitator of many of the programs of Revelation of the Spirit.  Catherine is a minister ordained in the Swedenborgian Church of North America who holds a deep passion for spiritual transformation.  Catherine has combined her business background with her vocational call to serve, and helped to create Revelation of the Spirit as a modern-day ministry, working to provide spiritual wisdom and guidance to all those who seek to learn more.

Pamela Kesselring, BBA

Pamela is an entrepreneur, combining her business management education and experience with her passion for sewing to create Stitches of Ayr.  It was through her own spiritual journey that she has been inspired to create fashionable clothing and accessories for clergy and turn it into a successful small business.  Pamela also acts as administrator and bookkeeper for a local non-profit professional association.  She is excited to assist in the creation and operation of an organisation to help others on their own personal spiritual journey.

Lorraine Cuthbertson

Lorraine is a Corporate Law Clerk currently working for a boutique law firm in Kitchener, Ontario.  She has 25 years’ experience in corporate and commercial law.  Lorraine currently serves as President of her condominium corporation in Kitchener, and Recording Secretary for the Swedenborg House of Studies in Berkeley, California.  Lorraine has a long history of involvement with her local church community and is looking forward to serving Revelation of the Sprit to help fulfill its mission.